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Customer Testimonials

Over the years Ashley Game Farm is proud to have received many outstanding customer testimonials from game bird breeders and game keepers across the UK. We are one of the largest game bird breeders in the UK. So, for further information about our company and our birds then call Ashley Game Farm today.

After many years of buying our poults from numerous sources and of varying ages and breed all entirely on price we decided to give Ashley Game Farm a go because we had been increasingly hearing more and more good things about Chris Hodgson and his unshakable guarantee. So I think it was year 2005, we placed part of our order with Ashley Game Farm. We were so pleased with the poults and service provided, we have placed our entire order with Ashley Game Farm ever since.

by Steve Hamer-Headkeeper for Bulland Shoot, Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Since moving to Ashley Game Farm setting trays it has made our hatchery far more efficient, as our previous trays only held 156 eggs.  Our setting capacity has gone up 20% with only minimal cost. 

by Jerome Chere-Faisanderie D'Anjou (France)

Even in our relatively small way, we find that the Ashley Game Farm tray makes egg setting immensely quicker - a dream!

by Keith Andrews-Conner Downs, Cornwall
logo of buccleuch estate

We have been using Ashley Game Farm as our sole supplier of Pheasant & Partridge up here in Scotland for several years now. Stock has to be tough to survive and what Chris provides, which is all produced in traditional rearing units, fits the bill perfectly.

by Rab Clarke-Headkeeper at Buccleuch Est.

I have been shoot manager and sporting agent for several shoots that have elected to buy their stock from Ashley Game Farm for over seven years now.

During this time, I have been really impressed, not only with the quality of the poults but also with the delivery and post delivery services provided by Chris Hodgson and his team. Whilst they are not the cheapest suppliers, it is sure evidence that 'one gets what one pays for'.

Chris has a large contract to supply one of our shoots north of the border and this has been a great success. In short, it's a top class operation.

by Dan Reynolds-Roxtons