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Game Bird Rearing in the UK

To keep up with a high demand, we have 5 rearing sites, each with its own dedicated staff headed by a senior member of staff with many years of experience. Each site has its own specialist breed to ensure that there is no breed mixing. For more information about our practices or our company, call us today.

view of rearing huts

The nearest breeding site (laying hens) is 12 miles from Ashley to ensure there is no cross contamination from adult to juvenile birds. Each site is filled in two batches of approximately 50,000 chicks, again following the experiences of the chicken industry; this reduces cross chick contamination during rearing.

The entire rearing operation is spread over 200 acres of rotational grassland at 180 metres above sea level, ensuring that every year rearing is carried out on fresh soil which was re-seeded at least 3 years prior. The climate in the West Country induces improved feather growth and our grass reared production guarantees performance.

van with company graphics leaving on delivery

At Ashley Game Farm we are very proud of our successes on the game farm. Pheasant poults are delivered to all areas in the UK between 6 weeks+6 days - 7 weeks+4 days old.

Red leg partridge poults are delivered according to customer requirements, between 12 and 18 weeks old.

The whole rearing operation is carried out under the jurisdiction of the St David's Veterinary Practice who specialise in the fields of pheasants and partridge management. The team visit Ashley Game Farm twice a week during the rearing season and manage the laying unit prior to and during egg production.