Ashley Game Farm

Supplying Many UK Shoots & Game Rearers

Phone Number: 01769 520226

Game Bird Price List 

Please find Ashley Game Farm's price list  available to view or download. If you have any questions or would like more information, please simply contact us via 01769 520226 or use the contact form to send us an e-mail.

staff examining pheasant eggs

Customer Care Responsibilities

Poult Deliveries- In the unlikely event of poults showing signs of distress on delivery (or within the first few days) inform Ashley Game FarmIMMEDIATELY. 

DO NOT TAKE BIRDS TO YOUR LOCAL VET. Ashley Game Farm will hold records of any medication used during rearing, so there may be a recurring problem. In any event Ashley Game Farm will send a representative from St Davids Poultry Team, who also attend our premises twice weekly and will have access to postmortem results.

The fitness and survival of released game is entirely dependent on good release husbandry, so  look for the signs before the birds start to die.

  • Discoloured Droppings
  • Lethargy
  • Reduced Feed Intake
  • Wasted Feed
  • Weight Loss

Ensure adequate feed and water stations are available in well sheltered light areas (at least one drinker and feeder per 100 birds).

tray of pheasant eggs being candled


Further improvements have been made to maximise quality with the installation of a fully automated egg Candling Machine, which will ensure the removal of eggs with dead embryos, so NO NASTY BUGS IN THE HATCHERY. Plus a new Egg Setting Machine, which reduces hand contact (bacteria). This supports our continuous efforts to deliver a high quality product. 

Our hatchery is being extended further so we will have more chicks available and will be hatching twice a week.

Ashley Game Farm Policy  Any health issues to be notified IMMEDIATELY.  ST. David's Vets will attend at Ashley Game Farm's expense and will act as mediators.

If Ashley Game Farm is at fault we will pay all expenses and replace stock.  If there are rearing or releasing malpractices then Client to pay.

Adverse Weather   Deliveries are pre planned with 48 hours notice of arrival.  It is the Keepers, or Shoot Owners responsibility to cancel delivery if bad weather is expected at the delivery point.

Force Majeure  Should excess rain follow delivery Ashley Game Farm may take partial responsibility.  All terms/prices mentioned in our  Price List are prior to us leaving the European Union.  Any Import Duties or additional charges imposed on us after, during or before we leave, will unfortunately be passed on to our customers and will be additional to any prices quoted.

Avian Flu    In the event that the premises of delivery are unable to accept incoming stock, every effort will be made from Ashley Game Farm to place the stock elsewhere.  However, any price implications will remain the responsibility of the purchaser.  In the unfortunate event that Ashley Game Farm has a notifiable disease, and stock being culled, or a movement restriction placed, Ashley Game Farm will endeavour to refund any paid deposits on orders that have been placed.  We are not responsible for any loss of revenue from the shoot.