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Game Bird Import and Export

Ashley Game Farm are importers and exporters of game birds. An integral part of Ashley Game Farm's business is caught up adult stock at the end of the shooting season.

pheasants in a field full of pheasants

During February and early March, surplus adult pheasants of both sexes and partridges are exported mainly to the Republic of Ireland and other areas in the EU, for release into the wild as the foundation for next year's shooting stock. 

Remaining adult pheasants are traded to other game farms for breeding after segregating into breed types.

Our trucks are fully equipped for long distance journeys and are able to drop empty crates to your shoot prior to catching. Caught up stock is either paid for on collection or taken as part payment against a poult/chick order.

During the egg setting/hatching period, we import about half our weekly production of eggs from a single source in France.

staff sorting trays of pheasant eggs

For more information about importers and exporters of shooting game, then call Ashley Game Farm today.