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Game Birds For Sale

At Ashley Game Farm, we take pride in the quality of birds that we rear for our customers. We sell poults, partridges and pheasants for game farm stock throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Our experience rearing quality game birds makes us one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

When you purchase game birds from our game farm, you can be confident in the care and attention to detail that we ensure during the rearing of our birds.

Based in Devon and Herefordshire, our experienced team offer the sale of high-quality game birds for game farms in the local area and beyond.

Contact us today to arrange for delivery to your location of any of the following poults we have for sale:

  • Black Neck Pheasants
  • Ring Neck Pheasants
  • Kansas X Pheasant
  • Red Leg Partridges
  • Ring Neck Pheasants

Pheasant Poults For Sale

We supply various breeds of pheasant for game farms in the UK at the best price. All of our birds are reared on fresh grass with plenty of space on our large rearing farm.

Our game farm is recognised by shoots and landowners as offering eggs, chicks and poults to customers in prime condition.

We use state of the art technology to ensure that our game birds produce the finest chicks available.

Ring Neck Pheasants

The Ring-Neck Pheasant is a medium to large bird with cocks having deep red breast and a wide pronounced clear white ring around the collar, with a splash of grey on each wing. A good holding bird, whilst retaining "wildness" to induce tremendous flight power.

Contact us today for delivery details and order price.

Ring Neck Pheasants for sale

Black Neck Pheasants

Found in Britain since the early 1800s, the Black Neck Pheasant is a powerful woodland bird which has established itself in English woodlands. This hardy breed is able to withstand disturbance from shoots that drive other breeds away.

Contact us today for delivery details and order price.

Black Neck Pheasants for sale

Kansas Pheasants

The Kansas Pheasant is suited to lowland shoots. These birds are upright and alert in appearance and will fly well. It is loyal and will always be there on the next shoot day. 

Contact us today for delivery details and order price.

Kansas Pheasants for sale

Partridge Poults For Sale

Ashley Game Farm Red Legs are renowned all over the UK for their size, strength, longivety and flying ability! These birds will survive in virtually any conditions. Normally delivered 14 - 20 weeks old.

Red Leg Partridges

The Red Leg Partridge is a plump game bird which originated from Southern Europe. These poults are often praised for their robust flying abilities and offer great returns to our customers. This bird is commonly found in farmland and open scrub habitats. If it is disturbed, the Red Leg partridge will prefer to run but can fly if required.

Contact us today for delivery details and order price.

Red Leg Partridges for sale

English Grey Partridge

The Grey Partridge originated from temperate steppe grasslands but has adapted to more open landscapes. This bird became a common sight in Britain and numbers increased with predator control during the 18th and 19th century. This made the Grey Partridge a common game bird in the UK up until numbers dwindled in the 1980s.

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English Grey Partridges for sale

Best Partridge and Pheasant Poult Prices

Ashley Game Farm have many years of experience offering the best quality game birds for sale at the most competitive price.

Pheasant poults are delivered to all areas in the UK. The poults will be between 6 weeks +6 days - 7 weeks +4 days old.

Redleg partridge poults are delivered according to customer requirements. The partridge poults will arrive between 14 and 20 weeks old.

Our carefully selected breeding birds are reared on an area of over 200 acres of grassland. With a pleasant West Country climate, our grass reared game birds are able to develop excellent feather growth and produce superior birds.

We have many excellent poults available for sale and delivery to your game farm or to populate your estate. We offer the best prices for quality birds delivered to your site.

If you require chicks, eggs or poults to replace your old stock of game birds, please call our team today for more information. We are confident that the price that we offer cannot be beaten for birds of our supreme quality.

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