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Hatchery Equipment For Sale

Equipment is vital to the success of a hatchery; since our establishment, Ashley Game Farm has continuously invested in our equipment and facilities, including the development of our specialist Egg Wash machine which vastly improves the efficiency of the process. Please see below for some of our hatchery equipment available to purchase.

Egg Setting Trays

Ashley Game Farm pheasant egg setting trays are suitable for most game incubators. Holds 185 eggs of any size, large or small. Makes the setting of eggs far easier and quicker.

Please call to find out all the benefits of using this easy-clean all-plastic tray, discounts available for larger quantities. Now in stock at £17.20 and available from various distributors.

egg setting tray for sale
ring necked pheasant in field

Customer Testimonials

We are standardising our hatchery and introducing automatic transfer equipment and see the Ashley Game Farm setting tray as the best on the market, as it will accept any size egg. We see it as a step forward with ongoing availability for future expansion, and of course being all plastic it is suitable for a candling machine as well.

by Brian Pillon - Flaxton, York.

The Ashley Egg Wash Machine

The Ashley Egg Wash is capable of cleaning 3,000 eggs per hour, with two person operation.

The Ashley Egg Wash has been designed and tested to clean and sanitise large volumes of eggs. A small deposit will secure your order.

To see it in operation, watch the short video below. Any queries please call.

egg wash machine for sale