Game Bird Breeders in the UK

Our breeding stock is carefully selected as follows:

Our black neck pheasant has

  • Strong Genes
  • Hatches Well
  • Easy to Rear
  • Holds well in Wooded Areas
  • Flies Well Off Large Banks

Our Ring Neck Pheasant is the most popular, being a:

  • Medium Size
  • Retaining Some Wildness
  • Noted For Its Exciting Flying Ability
  • Whilst Holding Reasonably Well

Our Kansas X Pheasant favoured by some:

  • Small Bird - Delivered at 8 Weeks Old
  • Flys Well
  • Holds Extremely Well
  • Eats 30% Less
  • Less Agressive Than Ring Neck

All our laying stock are vaccinated during selection and regularly blood tested during production, which has made a marked improvement to chick and poult quality.

Our breeds such as ?Bazanty? and "Melanstic" are brought in from France as eggs to hatch alongside their English cousins in our hatchery. All chicks/poults are produced from a known source and are traceable from egg to adult.

All Red Leg Partridges are hatched at Ashley Game farm from eggs produced from our supplier in France.

English Grey Partridge are produced in small numbers again from imported eggs for a select band of clients either as chicks or poults.

Contact Us

We have an efficient system to ensure what you order is what you get. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our stock. Give Ashley Game farm a call.

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